Friday, 13 July 2012


Beautiful ferns in Nutclough Woods this morning.

The woods were very peaceful.

Hard to imagine the torrent that tore though it on Monday in the can't quite tell from these pictures but it has changed the valley bottom quite dramatically bringing down LOTS of rocks and silt. 

But still there is beauty
(photo by Sarah Mason)
worth capturing

and it was lovely to have an hour of calm before a busy day of last minute Tatton Park preparations. We're setting up on Sunday so today is the last day of making and getting everything together. Best get on with it!

(still a day left to enter my competition to win two tickets)


Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

Gorgeous photos, Hannah...

Anonymous said...

I agree Helen - stunning photographs and the colours are unbelievable! What camera do you use?


Hannah Nunn said...

Thanks guys!

I use a Nikon D40 which is about 6 years old and a bit battered but still serves me well.

The colours WERE unbelievable this morning. soooooo nice in those woods.

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