Friday, 19 July 2013

Feathers, Ferns and Fritillaries and a few old favourites

Me and Sarah did a new photo shoot this week. It was about time that the new Feathers, Ferns and Fritillary designs went on the website!

Sarah captured everything beautifully.

Here are the Feathers on my website.

We made a pretend shelf. This is an IKEA Lack shelf resting precariously on two wooden easels with a sheet of printed paper behind it. You'd never know (unless I told you of course).

The Woodland Ferns are now on my website too.

And here are the Fritillaries.

Some old favourites got a re-vamp too like the Wood Anemones.

And now the Dragonfly comes in this shape too as well as the cylindrical ones.

It's always fun working with Sarah and it's lovely to have some new pictures to play with :)


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