Monday 15 July 2019

The Tiny Treasures have come to life!

Let me tell you the story of our new Tiny Treasures

At the end of last year I bought a laser cutter for the studio. We have been out-sourcing our laser cutting since I started making lamps many years ago but my laser man (he has been WONDERFUL) was talking about retiring so it seemed like time to buy our own. As well as the practicality of being able to cut the lamps in house I knew it would be an opportunity to play and that new products were bound to happen.

I started using the motifs from my Tiny Treasures wallpaper to practice cutting with the laser. We began using thin paper to cut the shapes and they looked lovely but not super strong so we experimented with thicker and thicker paper which made for some robust little shapes. 

The lovely paper was available in lots of juicy colours too so we have been cutting and cutting lots of lovely shapes and stringing them upon nylon thread to make mobiles and wall hangings.

 We launched them at open studios last weekend and they went down really well.

Oonagh (my wonderful force-of-nature assistant) made these sweet little boxes (knocked them up with the laser cutter one afternoon!) and they were the perfect way to display the treasures.

 It was like a pick and mix sweet shop!

They really sparked peoples imaginations and it was lovely watching what colours and shapes people chose and how they put them together.

 Ever since then we have been working hard, photographing them so we could add them to the website and we are please to announce that they are all now up and available HERE. Hooray!

So now you can order a ready chosen selection or you can pick and mix your own :)

I can also make made-to-order wall hangings with the treasures too. They will be threaded up, hanging from a length of dowel like in the photo below. They would look great on a chimney breast wall or in a window.

I've got loads of ideas and shapes I want to play with but for now me and Oonagh are celebrating having launched this new product after many weeks of work and hope that you'll pop over to the website and have a look. The tiny treasures are waiting....

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