Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Ffion and Euans first gig

We've waited for this evening with anticipation for so long.
Ffion and Euan's debut gig at the Trades Club. 
They were supporting JP Cooper along with Lucy Elizabeth at a charity gig organised by a lovely lady called Amanda Cox.

' Hi. So erm we're Ffion and Euan. We're brother and sister... and we're quite scared!'

They didn't need to be. Their beautiful sound reached out to all corners of the room and went straight in our hearts. They stilled the room with their loveliness. I wanted it to last forever.

It seems to obvious to say I was proud. It was just so wonderful to see my kids doing this joyful thing together. I've watched this whole thing unfold. I know their musical history and it's been there since their beginning. Tiny Euan in his highchair always sung louder if he was enjoying his food! 

Ffion wrote a lovely blogpost about her experience. It has inspired her to write more songs and it will be lovely hearing them unfold while she's home from uni for the summer.

The evening was well documented. Our Sarah Mason took these beautiful pictures and Robert made a video of  the whole gig (give of take a few moments where his new camera overheated...darn). Our friend Tracey also took this lovely video.

If you like what you hear this is Ffions Youtube channel where she posts her song singing and this is Euans Soundcloud where you can hear his remarkable music (writing music for film is his dream) and there are a few tracks of Ffion and Euan singing together here too.

This was one of those nights that will stay with us all for a long time to come.


Robert Currey said...

It was a completely special night. I was completely enraptured: how they drew me into their world into their performance.
It was their first performance but it was a first for me too; I'm lucky to have been there that night

Ann Martin said...

Lovely sounds and I can just imagine how proud a moment it was for all of you! I'll be listening on repeat while working on a paper project this morning.

Amy Hauschild said...

wow that sent shivers down me spine!! amazing!

I watched it with Minna and she said *she's singing very well* !! couldn't agree more!

lovely!! xxx

by the way we are over in July may pop by the shop! xx

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