Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Angela Smyth - Sketching a Town (and my house)

It's really nice to have recently got to know this super talented artist and all round lovely person Angela Smyth recently. Remember the Valley of Lights lamps last year?...these were hers...or perhaps you've seen her amazing paintings or her fabulous South Pennines map?

A couple of weeks ago we had an evening drinking wine and nattering and at some point in the conversation we talked about my shop/house and how it's the only 'house' left on market street in amongst all the shop fronts and how she had always noticed it and wondered about it, just like me before I lived in it! WELL her keen artistic eye has certainly noted it and it was a lovely surprise when it 'Hannah's place' appeared in her video of her 'sketching a town'.

Look out for it.

Made me smile so much :)

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