Monday 7 May 2018

Tiny Treasures book

I've been bursting to share my new Tiny Treasures book with you but arrived from the printers the day before my holiday so I had to wait. So I'm here in my studio on a bank holiday Monday with a lot of excitement. 

I made this book to accompany my Tiny Treasures wallpaper and window film. You see the design includes thirty-seven species altogether and as I was telling my friend Suzi some of the stories of when and where I found some of its motifs she suggested I made a book so people could identify what is on their wallpaper!

I didn't wait. I was so excited about the possibility of this little book that I got on it straight away and here it is.

  I loved writing all of the little stories and sharing my memories of finding these seeds, pods, leaves and feathers over the years.

I've always been drawn to these treasures from nature.

I always come back with something from the woods (you should see my coat pockets after my Scotland trip last week) and they have lived in my studio and home waiting to be turned into something.

 So now they are immortalised in wallpaper, window film and a BOOK!  

I'm giving away the book for free with the first twenty-five orders of Tiny treasures wallpaper.

Or you can order a copy here and I would be delighted to send you one.

 The other exciting thing is that one pound from every copy I sell will go to the Tinderwood Trust, a local forest school doing great work with children and young people to educate, inspire and build confidence in a woodland setting. It was founded by my friend Emily and she gets as excited as I do about these small and beautiful things that you find in the woods. As she said this morning 'one pound will buy a whole bag of marshmallows for the children to toast on the fire!' That sounds like a good enough reason to me.

(Please feel free to share the photos online. It will help me spread the word).

Thanks to Sarah Mason Photography for the great photoshoot.

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Deborah Vass said...

I have just received my ordered copy and it is an exquisite little book, full of beautiful illustrations. It was beautifully packed too - thank you!

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