Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I'm on a podcast!

Last week Jenny Hudson from Indie Quarter came over to interview me for a podcast. We had a lovely time chatting about the new shop, my work, craft, design, the recession and making the most of the internet. I was a bit nervous before hand but Jenny in all her loveliness but me at ease and it was just like having a friend round for a cuppa.

I was more nervous when she finally sent me a link to it yesterday but plucked up the courage to have a listen today and it wasn't too cringeworthy! If you fancy a listen you can find it here. Oh and these are the flowers that Jenny brought as a shop warming prezzie. Lovely!


lotta said...

It was lovely to hear your voice. Great interview - it did sound like you had a good time.

rossichka said...

Congratulations! It was strange to hear your voice and "connect" it with your face!Thus it came to life.:-)) I've listened to the beginning of the interview, tomorrow I'm going to finish the listening.

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