Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Component Joy!

Well it's been 'component nightmares' for many many weeks and I have had an underlying layer of anxiety about not being about to get my orders out on time. Today though was COMPONENT JOY!

Maclan sent over the revised prototype and they are good. One of my requirements was that I could get the clips together with 'girl hands' but these girl ones just weren't strong enough so he had to tighten them which made them much harder to clip on. He has made me a special brass press tool which presses them together I THINK we are there. I am just running some tests to make sure they stay together and don't start popping off in the night. They seem really strong though so I feel confident.
I have SO much catching up to. Lots of shop orders and lots of internet orders. I'm hate to keep people waiting. It has been a real transition period getting everything together with the move and all these problems. Finally I might be able to get down to some work again. PHEW!

1 comment:

Keith said...

Great News! and great to see the new shop Hannah.

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