Monday, 30 September 2013

Hello Wallpaper!

We had a big exciting delivery to the studio this morning. My friend Claire just joked 'Congrats on the delivery. Was it a boy or a girl?' 

I tell you it was like a labour getting all these boxes up the stairs. Phew. Thank goodness for Robert and Euan and Sarah and Suzi who all gave up their morning to help me. They were good birthing partners!

It's funny actually because the gestation period was about nine months all in all when I think about it.

It was good to finally meet it for the first time and hold it in my arms ;)

Hello wallpaper! Welcome to the world.

I promise to look after you and grow you into a big strong business. We will learn together along the way. 

I'm a proud Mummy x


Suman Pandit said...

Congratulations Hannah Nunn!! Soooooo happy for you !!Many more to come, proud Momma!! wishing you loads of success!!

Amy Hauschild said...

thats very funny and amazing!

DIAN said...

What a wonderful delivery. You must be so excited. The designs look fabulous. Do you send to Australia?

walfirms said...

wonderfull. i'm so excited to look this

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hannah, they look wonderful & so full of promise ready for their new homes!

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