Wednesday, 4 September 2013

It's the End of The Road

We have just had a wonderful weekend at End Of The Road Festival in Dorset. There were loads of great bands (Sigur Ross under a clear starry sky was a highlight) but it was its magical setting that made it really special for me.

It was in Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset with resident peacocks strolling around (or finding peace in the treetops..we were surprised to find that they could fly). 

The surrounding woods became an enchanting playground full of surprises.

Like colourful fruits in trees,

a woodland library lit with lanterns with people sitting around reading books to each other,

pretty things to discover,

the most enchanting tunnel of twinkly fairy lights,

and a piano that made the lights come on.

There was a piano you could play if you fancied, comedy in the woods, cinema,


nice things to eat and drink,

and at night...

can you imagine discovering a dance floor under the oak trees?

complete with mirror ball,

 Dj's in a boat

and a flashing dancefloor?
 The perfect setting for a boogie!

We needed a little help keeping warm at night. You could feel the Autumnal chill creeping in.

Look at these two. It was fab hanging out with them both for the weekend

and it was the perfect way to mark the end of the Summer.


Unknown said...

WOW that looks amazing!

dawn said...

Such a cool looking festival! I love things that feel magical. I've made a note of this one :)

Ann Martin said...

You go to the BEST places! :)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this one but it looks wonderful - all those details ! and Sigur Ros live - a wee bit green ! Is it an annual event I wonder.....

nancy said...

hannah I just love your blog ... I love to see the satisfaction of machinery churning out your designs! Good Luck ... and then the wonderful things in the woods ... When my son turned 21 we created a party in the woods for him and I made 8 enormous cane and paper light shades to hand in the trees with led lights inside which gave a lovely soft glow ... needless to say in the morning the beautiful fantasy we created had turned to mud as it rained heavily from the early hours. We should do more stuff in woods ... Nancy xx

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