Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Production Day

So, the day finally arrived. Production day at the factory.
Six lovely colours are now signed off and printed.

It was pretty amazing seeing them on the machines. 

The machine has tiny camera on to check that it's all calibrating properly. That's what all those funny symbols are about.

It all gets trimmed and then wound onto these enormous rolls. You could paper your whole house with this!

They have an amazing wall that holds the paper up with suction so they can quickly lay out three drops to check.

So by lunchtime (they don't mess about at this factory), I had Paper Meadow in kraft,


and charcoal.

And Beech Leaves 

in kraft,


and pebble.

In two weeks it will be delivered to me here at the studio and I can start sending it out to YOU! 

I will be able to start sending A4 sample sheets by the end of this week if you're interested. I'll keep you posted as I add things to my website.

Hooray :)


Amy Hauschild said...

that is so very exciting,love the colours you have chosen! Beautiful and serene!;)
love Amy xxx

nickynackynoo said...

Love the Paper Meadow so, so much.

Suman Pandit said...

Hanna, congratulations!! It sure must have been a great experience for you to see your creations in a new form!!came from Ann Martin's post on FB, am following you now. so happy to connect :)

helen russell said...

Me me me for sample please. Teal paper meadow please. I can pop in for it when it's ready x

Nayera said...

I've really been struggling to find a suitable wallpaper for my chimney breast.

Now I think I've found it !

I'd love a sample of the paper meadow in Teal and would be interested in how much it'd cost per roll please.

Hannah Nunn said...

Thanks everyone. I've just added them all to my website http://hannahnunn.co.uk/products/wallpaper.html so you can see prices and order samples here.

I can't wait to be sending it out to everyone. Bursting with excitement :)

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