Saturday, 7 September 2013

Twilight magic in the woods

I have been soooooo excited to share this with you. In July I was contacted by Pretty Nostalgic Magazine and asked if I'd like to style and write and article about British lighting designers. They envisioned a feature with 6-8 designers lights photographed in the woods at twilight. Oh my goodness. I immediately squealed across the studio 'Sarah Mason Sarah Mason Sarah Mason, come quick, we've got the most exciting job to do!'. 

And so the planning began. Where were we going to do it? How were we going to light all the lights? How would we get everything we needed to the woods? Can we fit ladders in the car? Who's good at climbing trees? We thought, being surrounded by woodland that it would be easy to find a location but it was trickier than anticipated. We needed somewhere accessible by car and with low hanging trees. Emily Jones our lovely friend who runs The Tinderwood Trust Forest School came to the rescue and introduced us to the perfect spot and we got permission from the land owner to use it. Phew!

So. Ready to roll. Euan, Ffion, Will, Suzi and Robert all helped out...many hands make light work as they say. 

It was a challenge. You see this shot? Beautiful Jennifer Collier paper shades just about ready to shoot. Well this was moments before a rain storm. Yes it had been beautiful all summer and then the week we planned the shoot was the week of thunderous downpours and flooding. We had to bundle everything under a tarpaulin and wait for the rain to stop (ages). We all trundled out of the woods in the dark with soggy lampshades and heavy hearts :(

But we bounced back to the woods again the next night and knew exactly what we were doing the second time round.

I found these brilliant battery powered LED egg lights shaped like bulbs and attached them to black cable which we tied to the branches. An absolutely perfect simple solution. 

It really was magic. The lights looked utterly beautiful in this woodland setting. 

 Here's the photographer at work!

The wood grain of the Jane Blease wall lights looked fantastic on the tree trunk

and the Tom Raffields looked so at home in the woods. 

This little silver birch had the perfect bendy trunk and enjoyed being adorned in Deryn Relph and Beau Vamp lampshades.

Look at them glow. 

The Sarah Lock lamps looked amazing among the mossy rocks.

Amy Coopers were next. They had been to the woods with us each evening but they hadn't quite found their spot...

until Ffion spotted this bank of mushrooms where they nestled in perfectly.

The Colins (as we call them) were sooooo beautiful. I really didn't want to take them down afterwards. 

In fact I think they should all stay in the woods all the time. I want to be able to take a twilight stroll and come upon these beautiful lights and feel their magic again. It was joyful.

It looks wonderful in print in this beautiful smelling magazine! Issue 9 of Pretty Nostalgic is out in the shops now or you can buy it on their lovely new website. It's a lovely magazine and we're really pleased to be a part of it.

Thanks to Ffion for the behind the scenes shots and thanks for everyone who played a part in bringing this project together. Couldn't have done it without you x


Rachel said...

Exquisite! XXX

Lizzie P said...


Liz said...

They all really look as though they belong there... gorgeous!

Amy Hauschild said...

ooooo magical! Another world you and Sarah have created!

Amy Hauschild said...
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Eva Marion Seyffarth said...

Real magic. LOVE it!

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